A new wine bar in Zermatt, cozy evenings downstairs of the buzzing restaurant Stockhorn by the rex. Amazing selection of natural wines for maximal taste.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 18:30

A glass of wine?

"Nothing added, nothing taken away"

Wines naturally produced

To focus on natural wine is a philosophical choice for us aimed at rediscovering the natural expression of the terroir. It comes from grapes worked farming , without weedkillers, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic products. The harvest is manual and during vinification the winemaker strives to keep the living character of the wine.

We celebrate small winemaker and their efforts put into producing amazing wine!

Maximal taste, come and try out our collection of over 80 natural wines.

Salumi & Bread

In our wine bar we offer a light menu, focusing on a range of salumi, cheeses and couple it with sourdough bread from our own Bakery.

Our produce ranges from "Pata Blanca" and "Pata Negra" from the Alcala brothers, 2 brothers in Switzerland taking on the legacy of their father, to also more classical Swiss dried beef or even a Italian Mortadella that won the slow-food price!

Put together a selection of your favorite salumi and cheese and enjoy with some wine!

Taste, enjoy & learn

In our wine bar your experience is paramount, our wine bar manager is highly knowledgable in various wines and makes sure we find the perfect glass of wine for you, or even better the whole bottle!

From the most caring producers directly to you...

food menu

To Share

Toasted almonds
Green salad, vinaigrette
Pickles and ferments
Our Sourdough bread & aioli
Smoked anchovies "Nardin"
Anchovies selection "Nardin"


Selection of 4 cheeses from "Le Sapalet"
Selection of mixed salumi
Selection of mixed salumi special

Special and Rare

Chorizo pata negra "les freres Alcala"
Jambon cru pata negra "les freres Alcala"
Wild boar prosciutto "Les freres Alcala"
Jambon cru from swiss mangaliça


Dried beef from valais
Mortadella classica "slow food"
Capocollo di Martina Franca "slow food"
Salami Finocchione
Lardo from swiss mangaliça
Jambon cru Pata Blanca "les frères Alcala"

Weekly Wednesday Event

Taste 4 Glasses (1dl)

28 CHF

Taste 5 Half-Glasses (0.5dl)

20 CHF

Every Wednesday, we invite you to spend an evening in our bar and taste & learn about different wines. Get immersed into the world of natural wines, with our wine connoisseur Lorenzo. You can come any time during the night & bring your friends to enjoy an amazing night out.

Where to find us?

Open Tuesday to Sunday
18:30 - late
Downstairs at the Restaurant Stockhorn by the rex
Riedstrasse 11, Zermatt